Bloodstone: the Third Kiss

"When darkness falls, only one woman can save the world."

Get ready for another thrilling adventure with the stunning 50-year-old Jasper Bloodstone, the celebrated lecturer, anthropologist, and occult specialist. In the third book of the series, Bloodstone: The Third Kiss, Jasper joins forces with her childhood friend, Detective Daniel Smoothers, and the dashing bisexual vampire, Bastian Bloodthron, to track down an artifact that will help them reconstruct the Amulet of Unity.

Their mission takes them to the Ukraine, where they encounter a traitor named Sergei and a wild-haired woman named Lyra, who has a tantalizing 

interest in Jasper and Daniel. But their biggest challenge comes in the form of the malevolent former 13th century witch hunter general, Baron Malachi Svartved, and his Shadow Coven of vampire witches. To make matters worse, Daniel finds himself transformed into an ancient mythological creature, and the group finds themselves doing battle with Malachi's latest abominations, Necrofuries.

As Jasper's connection with Bastian grows, Lord Ambrose Blackwood, the stunningly handsome vampire nobleman, watches on with a mix of jealousy and concern. Will Jasper and her team succeed in their quest and defeat Malachi once and for all? Or will they fall victim to the Necrofuries and other dangers that lurk in the shadows?

Readers of R.J. Houston's previous books in the series won't be disappointed with this latest installment. As always, Houston's writing is diverse, LGBTQ+ positive, and promotes size positivity. Her books are perfect for readers who enjoy the BWWM and Black Woman White Men romance books, with a unique twist that combines supernatural elements, murder mysteries, and whodunit formats.

Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure with Jasper Bloodstone and her team. Get your copy of Bloodstone: The Third Kiss today!

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