Jasper Bloodstone: Unearthing the Hidden, Embracing the Darkness

Jasper Bloodstone is a captivating and enigmatic protagonist, seamlessly blending her roles as an anthropologist, occult specialist, and vampire in a world of supernatural mystery and dark romance. A voluptuous 50-year-old African American woman, Jasper's expertise in the occult is matched only by her tenacity and resilience in the face of danger.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes a vampire while aiding her friend, Detective Daniel Smoothers, in a serial killer case involving a suspected vampire. As Jasper delves deeper into this hidden world, she encounters a cast of intriguing and dangerous characters, including the dashing 17th-century bisexual vampire Bastian Bloodthron, the sinister former witch hunter general turned vampire Baron Malachi Svedvad, and the enigmatic and powerful vampire deity, Lord Ambrose Blackwood.

Jasper Bloodstone is a polyquat. She speaks fluent:

Throughout the series, Jasper faces challenges and threats that test her strength, courage, and cunning. Her growing powers and knowledge of the supernatural world allow her to navigate complex relationships, confront betrayal, and seek revenge, all while unraveling the intricate mysteries that surround her.

Jasper Bloodstone is a trailblazing character who defies convention and inspires readers with her unwavering determination, intelligence, and passion. As the protagonist of a series that combines cozy mystery with dark fantasy romance, she serves as a beacon of hope and a symbol of empowerment in a world that is as enchanting as it is treacherous.


Has Advanced Degrees in: